We believe the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Not in as a cliché, but in a very real way. Teenagers today face issues their parents didn’t face. In fact, today’s teenagers face issues some of their older siblings didn’t have to deal with. Our desire is to see Jesus lifted high, for the entire world to see: every school, every group, every city, every country. This can happen, and the youth of today can be the instrument God uses to usher in this revival.

Youth: If you couldn’t make it out this week, you can listen to the discussion online. Click here for details.

God is real and can radically change a teenager’s life. This is contagious and spreads. Our weekly youth services are designed to be fun and exciting while at the same time impart Biblical principles in a manner that teenagers can both understand and use in their day-to-day lives.

The groups are divided into Jr. Youth (Grades 6-8) and Sr. Youth (Grades 9-12).